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Healthcare services are being delivered through technology.
A hassle free clinic-software for Patient Management, Clinic Management, OPD Management.

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  •   Doctors can register into Heath Hinge themselves by adding their basic information.
  •   Doctors can upload there in detailed profile, experience details, Prescription pad, digital signature, generic medicines details.
  •   HealthHinge enables Doctors to attend their consultations from anywhere with minimum internet speed.
  •   The consultation price, availability dates, and schedules are all up to the doctor. The slots can be enabled or disabled as needed.
  •   Doctor can check the medical records and laboratory reports uploaded by patient-on-patient consent.
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  •   HealthHinge provides robust video consultation platform for Doctors and Patients
  •   Recorded video of consultation will be available to doctor for next follow up consultation.
  •   Doctor can add prescription at the end of every consultation. Users can download the prescription at any point of time.
  •   Patient can share the medical records with doctor before the consultation.
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  •   HealthHinge is developed as per the regulatory guidelines of HIPPA & HITECH
  •   End-to-end encryption protects electronic health records, making it considerably more difficult for someone to make illegal changes to the patient's chart and other information.
  •   HealthHinge has a 'Audit Trail' function that tracks who has accessed the patient data, what modifications have been done, when and from which IP address, and so on.
  •   Strong password protection enabled for every account to access the electronics medical records.

About Us

HealthHinge aims to revolutionize the way healthcare services is being delivered to patients through technology. Our mission is to provide cost effective online healthcare services in an easy and convenient way for patients. By connecting various segments in the healthcare industry and enable patients to a hassle free and professional health care services at doorstep.



  •   Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) can provide many benefits to physicians, patients, and healthcare services if they are adopted by healthcare organizations.
  •   Users can store their medical records and can update them regularly.
  •   Doctors can access the health records only if patient shares the details.
  •   Basic health information, previous medical reports, allergies, family medical history, lifestyle data, drug interactions, and so on are all included in the user's EHR.

Online Appointment System

  •   By employing advanced search filters, users may find the finest doctors depending on their interests. These filters include speciality, experience, languages spoken, and geographic location, among others.
  •   User can check the complete doctor profile and previous experience before booking an appointment.
  •   User can book appointment for self / family members / friends by registering their details and by selecting the appointment slots on their convenient date and time.
  •   Automatic appointment reminders and notifications are sent to both doctors and users.